The Bahia Crash Team started as a small idea in the fall of 2013.  We wanted to combine the love of racing and charity.  We started out small with only 4 people working towards a common goal to raise money for both Shriners Hospitals and Bahia Shrine Transportation Fund. Over the years the excitement became contagious and more people became involved.  In 2016, the Crash Team donated over $12,000 raised through corporate sponsorship, advertising, event ticket sales and incredible raffles.  In 2017, that amount more than doubled to $27,000.00!


By June 2017, we were approached about making the team an official uniformed unit of the Bahia Shrine.  This is a unique unit of Nobles – no other Shrine has this unit!


Whereas the Crash Unit is composed of Nobles of Bahia Shrine, the Crash Team includes our ladies, friends, family and those who are not Shriners.  We work all year long to prepare cars, create impressive raffle opportunities and secure car sponsors for the coming season.  We also build membership by raising awareness of our organization and the charity work we perform.  Our success depends on active participation from everyone involved. 

As part of the I AM RU membership program started in 2017, we established a scholarship fund to create new Masons and Shriners and have already had wonderful success in helping expand not only the unit, but the overall fraternity.   


We welcome drivers, mechanics, sponsors, ticket salespeople and support staff.  If you or anyone you know is interested, you can find out more by joining Bahia Shriners Crash Team’s public Facebook page or contact us directly. 


Come and be a part of a winning team!