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Our Team Coordinator, Christine White, finally joined the races in 2019 in the sparkling 86 Kismet Court car!  As High Priestess of Kismet Court at the time, this Lady Shriner set out to bring visibility to the public that ladies can also become Shriners - and be bad ass!

She finished the chicane race with a flat tire and minimal damage, and return in November 2020 with another finish!

The Crash Team made the cover of Orlando Weekly with Sean Heffernan behind the wheel.  Love the handicap placard!


This year, we raffled off a mini-Jeep to support the Bahia Transportation Fund.  This money goes to pay for vehicles, maintenance, insurance, fuel, airfare or any other transportation needs of the patients and their families.  A single air transport from Orlando to the burn center in Cincinnati typically can cost $20,000 - which includes the flight itself and the medical personnel needed while in flight.  Our local Shrine Center has several drivers that go back and forth to the Tampa Hospital daily.  

Congratulations to Shar and her family for having the winning ticket.  She bought 3 tickets at Night of Destruction Orlando Speed World.  She said she never expected to win but simply wanted to support the Shriners and all they do for the kids.  She didn't have a way to take it home that night, so she came back to Orlando from Fort Myers with a trailer in tow.

As each took the jeep for a spin, you could see the joy on their faces.  We're so glad they won and get to have lasting fun with it.

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We raffled off a drift trike at Auburndale Speedway in November.  The winner was very excited about it but didn't have a way to transport it.  We bought the trike back from him and so this awesome toy will be available again in the coming months.  Stay tuned for details so that you can get your tickets!